Wedding Stage Directing & Consulting
by Christina Brosnan

Lux Curated - What we do

As a photographer I’ve learned how to utilise light as a tool to make a great image. How light falls on an object will determine the look of an image, but it takes a skilled eye to see this.

By maximising beautiful light, precious time, and thoughtful positioning on your wedding day we help encourage the natural light, wedding images many couples desire. We curate a wedding’s photogenic potential through various techniques that we’ve coined ‘wedding staging’, a unique service and first of its kind.

The services provided at Lux Curated aim to bridge a gap between planner and photographer. By carefully overseeing placement of details, table set ups, location choices, and adjusting timelines we will help your wedding photos live up to expectations.


Venue Visit

We will personally visit your venue sites before your wedding day to determine the best locations and lighting situations for details and set ups, even suggesting where you will put on your dress.

Custom Photo Placement Mood Board

After your venue visit you will receive custom mood boards of images detailing areas for the best placement of objects and set up locations. This can be used as a visual tool for anyone who is styling or arranging on the day. You will have a detailed outline of where to place tables and cakes, and even where best to set up a ceremony if on location.

On the Day Stage Directing

We will happily join you on your wedding day to personally oversee that your day looks amazing and maximises the best light. We will coordinate with your various suppliers to make sure everything is photo ready.

Personalised Timelines

We work with you and your planner to customise the perfect wedding day timeline. We will maximise the best daylight for all your wedding portraits and create a timeline that fits your requirements.

Rehearsal Stage Directing

From your ceremony entrance to lighting the candles, we will be on hand during your ceremony rehearsal to make sure everything is going to photograph perfectly on your wedding day.

Engagement Shoot Scouting

If you really want to nail your engagement photos we can scout out the perfect location, based on your wants and style. We will also make suggestions on the perfect time of day and year to maximise great light. Comes with a Custom Photo Placement Mood Board.

Choosing a Photographer?

If you’re not sure where to start with choosing a photographer we are here to give you a helping hand. We won’t choose your photographer for you but will give you an understanding into your requirements and style to guide you to the right choice.

  • Meet Christina

    Wedding Stage Director, wedding photographer, and author, Christina has been part of the wedding industry since 2007. Chicago born, Christina lives in Ireland with her husband. They've been together since locking eyes across a room in Paris, on Valentine's Day, many moons ago.

    While writing her first book, Ever Yours, Christina realised there was a gap between wedding planner and wedding photographer. She created Lux Curated to bridge that gap. By doing so she aims to give couples the ultimate wedding experience and beautiful memories to cherish.

  • Wedding Infatuation

    Christina's infatuation with weddings took hold when she began photography weddings in 2007. Her wedding obsession has lead her to host wedding events, mentor photographers, share advice on her blog, inspire couples with editorial photoshoots. She's been witness to over 250 celebrations of love in her career so far.

    Her new role as Wedding Stage Director is the result of her passion for the industry and has felt like a very natural transition.

    Christina still photographs a limited number of weddings each year. Enquire about hiring Christina as your wedding photographer.

  • Author of Ever Yours

    Christina published her first book, Ever Yours: A Wedding Photographer's Secrets to Creating Beautiful Memories of Your Special Day, in 2015. The book contains 165 tips aimed at helping you get better wedding photos from your wedding day. For more information about Christina's wedding advice ebook click here.

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